Land north of Habberley Road, Kidderminster

Richborough Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we include some frequently asked questions and the project team’s answers. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the team. You can do this by Freephone 0808 168 8296 or by email at

What type of planning application is proposed?

Richborough Estates are in the process of preparing an outline planning application to establish whether the scale and nature of a proposed development would be acceptable to Wyre Forest District Council.

Subject to approval of the outline planning permission, a detailed reserved matters application would be prepared by Richborough’s selected housebuilder partner which will include detailed information relating to the final layout, scale, and appearance of the proposed development.

What is a draft allocation and what does this mean for the site?

Wyre Forest District Council have identified the site as a draft housing allocation within the emerging Local Plan (policy reference WA/KF/3). This draft allocation follows a detailed and evidenced plan-making process, through which the Council has considered all possible options for meeting the District’s housing needs throughout the Local Plan period (2016 – 2036).

The allocation of the site therefore confirms that the Council considers the site to be in a sustainable location, which is suitable for the delivery of new housing to meet the local needs of Kidderminster, and contribute to the overall housing requirement to be delivered throughout the plan period.

How can I comment on the plans?

Due to current restrictions, we are holding an online consultation. You can find out more about proposals on this website. We invite you to share your feedback with us by clicking here. You can also get in touch with us via email at or by calling us on 0808 168 8296.

When will you submit a planning application?

We are preparing an outline planning application which we hope will be submitted to Wyre Forest District Council in the coming weeks.

Will there be an impact on local roads and are any mitigation measures proposed?

We are undertaking assessments which will be taken into account in the Transport Assessment that will form part of the planning application. The proposals include reducing the speed limit in front of the site on Habberley Road to 30mph, along with two new road crossings and improvements for pedestrians and cyclists on the roundabout.  

Will a formal pedestrian crossing be provided across Habberley Road?

The proposals include an uncontrolled crossing across Habberley Road, which would take the form of dropped curbs and tactile / textured paving. This would not be a formal pedestrian crossing, as assessments show that most pedestrians cross the road at the roundabout on their way to and from Habberley Valley Local Nature Reserve. It is recognised that Canturbury Road would provide access from the site to bus stops and a local shop – however, pedestrian activity would still be fairly light and a formal crossing would not be required.

Is there enough car parking?

Car parking is proposed in line with planning policy. For example, four bedroom houses would need space for at least three parking spaces in addition to a garage.

Will there be an impact on local ecology?

Our assessments show there is very little wildlife activity through most the site – with our focus being on retaining and enhancing the hedgerows to preserve and enhance habitats. Whilst it’s too early to confirm details, we are carrying out biodiversity tracking to ensure a net gain is achieved as a result of the development.

Will there be any risk of flooding on the site?

The site is in Flood Zone 1, which has the lowest risk of flooding. We are undertaking a SDS (Sustainable Drainage System) assessment, which will need to demonstrate that the site is resilient to a 1 in 100 year storm, plus an additional 40% allowance. The proposals will improve drainage on the site compared with today and help protect the existing road network from flooding.

Does the oil pipeline under this site still carry fuel?

There are currently two pipelines – one of these is a former Ministry of Defence pipeline, which is now redundant. The other is a CLH (CLH Pipeline System Ltd*) pipeline, which connects two of CLH’s storage facilities in Backford in Cheshire and Berwick Wood in South Gloucestershire. The CLH pipeline does not carry any fuel at present but the company would like to retain the integrity of the pipeline for possible future use and therefore we will be preparing a crossing detail, which will include information such as proximity of dwellings to the pipeline, that will need to be approved. There are no existing gas services which cross the site.

*CLH Pipeline Systems Ltd is an oil product logistics subsidiary of a Spanish parent company. It provides services to several military facilities and some of the UK’s main airports.

Will the development make a contribution to local services and facilities?

Following the submission of the planning application Richborough Estates will engage with statutory consultees to discuss and agree appropriate financial contributions which will be formalised in the grant of planning permission. Initial discussions have identified that offsite financial contributions are likely to be sought towards the management of Habberley Nature Reserve, and children’s play facilities within the local area, as a minimum.