Land north of Habberley Road, Kidderminster

Richborough Homes

The site

Situated on the north side of Habberley Road, the site is approximately 1.5 miles to the north west of Kidderminster town centre. The site location is shown within the red line boundary on the plan.

Wyre Forest District Council have identified the site as a draft housing allocation within the emerging Local Plan (policy reference WA/KF/3), recognising its ability to assist in meeting the identified need for new homes in a sustainable location.

The outline plans have been developed in accordance with the requirements established within the draft policy, ensuring that it will assist in meeting the local housing needs whilst also delivering on site improvements including the mitigation of impacts on the Habberley Valley Nature Reserve, in part through the delivery of improved biodiversity and a new, robust edge to the Green Belt.

Our proposals

The proposals include:

  • Approximately 130 new homes, 25% being affordable
  • A variety of house types to meet local needs with 1 to 4 bedroom houses and 2 bedroom bungalows
  • Two points of vehicular access from Habberley Road, along with six new points of pedestrian access from various points around the site
  • Two pedestrian crossings, across both Habberley Road and Low Habberley, together with improvements to the footpath on Habberley Road along the frontage of the site
  • Significant new planting and landscaping with a sensitive layout design to create a landscaped edge to Kidderminster and complement the setting of the site
  • Provision of 40% open green space, meeting local open space standards and delivering a net biodiversity gain for the site
  • New footpath connections to existing public rights of way, improving connectivity to Habberley Valley Nature Reserve
  • A Sustainable Drainage System that creates an overall improvement to drainage of the site compared with today and help protect the existing road network from flooding